Website / Identity

The Brief

Spindle is a boutique film production agency with a big ambition. Much like a record label, the team wanted to attract and inspire creatives and clients by their shared passion and vision. In Spindle’s case, this was for telling compelling human stories. The team needed their brand identity developed and a new website created to communicate this unique perspective. All with a strong desire to be pushed creatively to stand out from the rest of the market.

The Solution

The resulting brand development and website takes inspiration from the Art Direction found in the team’s favourite boutique magazines and creates a strong visual language to present the collective’s viewpoints. Just like a magazine, the website uses bold type combinations, pull quotes, contemporary colour palette and keeps audiences looking for longer with a uniquely designed User Experience.

Due to the launch deadline, the whole process from brief to going live, was completed in a two month window.

  • Our strategy defined a clear purpose and positioning for Spindle, ‘Capturing Human Perspectives’.
  • A manifesto was written in collaboration with Spindle to feature boldly on the site and in the minds of the audience. Something competitors weren’t doing well if at all.
  • An editorial-inspired design with a distinctive type system, clearly communicating the voice of the collective.
  • The design system deliberately allows the site to hero the rich, high-quality content.
  • An intelligent User Experience continuously serves up more relevant content after a film is viewed, keeping the audience engaged for longer.
  • Creative Director: Tom Hardy
  • Creative Strategist: Gina Solanki
  • Senior Account Manager: Faye Brinkworth
  • Project Manager: Jes Lee
  • Digital Designer: Omar Hraib
  • Design Director: Joe Baglow
  • Designer: Amy Elms