Lights, camera, interaction. Multi-award winning website for a production studio.

Spindle is a rather special film production studio. Much like a record label, they attract and inspire creatives and clients with a shared passion and vision. In Spindle’s case, this is telling compelling human stories.

The team needed their Brand Identity developed and a new Website to communicate this unique perspective. With a strong desire to stand out from the rest of the market.

The resulting work takes inspiration from the Art Direction found in art house documentary magazines. Creating a strong visual language to show their people stories. Just like a magazine, the website uses bold type and colour combinations, pull quotes, and keeps audiences looking for longer with a cutting-edge User Experience.

Spindle are a film production studio who focus on ‘unique human perspectives’. They asked us to design a website to show it — and blow the competition away.

“We created a digital design system based on the visual language of art house documentary magazines to communicate Spindle’s unique journalistic voice.”

  • Tom Hardy
  • Founder
  • Manifesto Studios

The design system ensures films always look their best and importantly, stand out from competitors websites which all looked the same.

Just like in an art house magazine, bite sized quotes are used rather than lots of detail copy, greatly increasing engagement.

Our work included the Diversity and Sustainability strategy and implementation. A fundamental part of who Spindle are.

Animations and interactions communicate Spindle’s zeitgeist attitude.  

Designing Sales Presentation templates ensure an engaging and consistent brand experience where it matters most.

Business cards have in-person screenings covered.

Don’t worry about a brief,
bring us a mission
we can solve together.