Identity / Website

The Brief

Vashi is a challenger fine jewellery brand with stores in Piccadilly, multiple Selfridges sites, and growing rapidly throughout the UK. They are heralded as the Warby Parker of the industry; revolutionising the experience and allowing customers to design and make jewellery on site. The proposition being, ‘I made this for you’ always beats, ‘I bought this for you’.

The brand had developed a strategy, but not a way of communicating it with as much stand-out as the business model deserved. The brief required us to develop the Brand Identity and then bring it to life through redesigning their website. The aim was to communicate their unique and approachable experience, with the desirability of their product offering. A tricky balancing act.

The Solution

  • Introduce game-changing innovation (currently in development, which we can’t talk about just yet).
  • Elevate the Brand Identity by removing all elements that aren’t working hard and develop clean, minimal Art Direction to allow new product images to be celebrated.
  • Demonstrate approachability and authenticity by showing real Vashi customers. Other brands may talk about it, Vashi is actually doing it.
  • Brief and commission photo shoots, films and illustrations to elevate the communications to match their challenger status.
  • Design messaging to be adaptive and tell a sequential story across the User Experience, no matter what order the pages are viewed.
  • The resulting work elevated the brand into the leading edge, and away from the competitive set living in Bond Street who leverage the past.
  • Creative Director: Tom Hardy
  • Senior Digital Designer: Liam Thomas
  • Senior Account Manager:Faye Brinkworth
  • Creative Strategist: Gina Solanki
  • Copywriter: Jonathan Seidler
  • People Film & Photography: Sam Robinson
  • Hero Product Photography: Baker & Evans