Adding sparkle to digital storytelling.

Vashi are revolutionising the fine jewellery market. With plans for $1bn growth in 5 years, they needed a brand and communications that could deliver. Our work transformed their storytelling and created a cutting edge digital experience. Increasing audience reach and engaging a millennial audience to support business performance.

The positioning was based around, ‘artisanal products you’ve made yourself are the best kind of gift’. Deliverables included a category defining interactive products showcase, commissioning photoshoots with the team behind the Apple Watch, to lifestyle shoots featuring real customers.

Online sales started a sustained uplift just one hour after the new website launched.

The brand had invested in physical stores, but the digital experience wasn’t consistent or as engaging.

We created a first in sector product showcase. Using the Gyro functionality in smartphones. When a customer moves their phone, the ring moves in the same way and sparkles as it would if held in real life.

The website User Experience was optimised by greatly reducing the number of page templates. Then the User Interface design and messaging were elevated across the whole site.

A brand film was created for the website to communicate the magic of designing and making your own unique piece of jewellery.

“Manifesto Studios are creative, innovative and a pleasure to work with.”

  • Vashi Domínguez
  • Founder
  • Vashi

We designed ‘Mobile First’. Ensuring resources were spent where the statistics showed customers were spending most time.

A Digital Design System ensures everything is consistent online. Allowing Vashi’s in-house team of developers to iterate and grow at scale.

Physical stores featured a popular ‘doodle wall’. We carried the idea across to the digital experience…

…commissioning illustrator Jay Cover to create a playful style to bring products to life.

A core Brand Value was ‘realness’. We doubled down on this and created campaign imagery from real customers. Shot by leading photographer Sam Robinson.

The in-store jewellery specialists were photographed and celebrated. The people responsible for helping customers make their own bespoke products.

The investment deck design was elevated to align the brand and increase impact. We were delighted to hear an investment round was secured shortly after the work was delivered.

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