Branding the London School of Economics £50m social impact accelerator.

The London School of Economics had an ambitious brief – to design and launch a brand for a social impact accelerator, capable of changing lives on the scale of billions.

100x Impact Accelerator is a first of its kind £50m global initiative, dedicated to shaping a new generation of “social unicorns”.

The brand strategy revealed powerful dualities: World-class insight and heritage from the LSE, paired with dynamism usually only found with world-class accelerators in the business world. The creative idea uses these ‘two sides’ to reinforce what makes them so special.

A Brand Film was designed to communicate the 100x mission and world-class team. Produced with award winning filmmakers Reuben + Jamie.

Marketing materials show the ‘two sides’ of 100x insight, paired with entrepreneurial action.

“Manifesto Studio helped us get clear on our values, how to express those, how we wanted to show up in the world, and how to push the needle on delivering impact.”

  • Leslie Labruto
  • Founding Director
  • 100x Impact Accelerator

Copy plays a vital role, demonstrating the 100x positive outlook. Most competitors focused on problems and sounded the same.

A bespoke website was designed with a User Experience to educate social ventures and get them to apply.

A digital design system brings the brand to life online. Animation and interaction show the dynamism of the 100x positioning.

Never underestimate the power of Tone of Voice to communicate brand values and purpose.

“The dream scenario was to launch in January and get 1,000 applications by April. After one week, 500 ventures had already started the application process. We’re delighted 100x greatly surpassed their target.”

  • Tom Hardy
  • Creative Director
  • Manifesto Studios

The Brand Growth Plan devised targeted campaigns around application cohorts. Paid LinkedIn ads were used across the conversion funnel and proved highly successful.

Click Through Rate for emails were over 40%, compared with Mailchimp’s average of 2.91%.

Brand Guidelines and a process were designed so Manifesto Studios were built out of the process. Training and embedding core skills within a growing 100x team.

A wide range of design assets were delivered, included environmental designs for the London School of Economics impressive building.

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