The sustainable fashion PR agency makeover that’s turning heads.

Awaykin is a growth studio for sustainable fashion brands. We heard how their industry, like many others, needed to adapt to the new normal.

We created a new positioning that defined what makes them special, and a brand identity which provided the tools to communicate it effectively. Then we used both to design a new website to tell fashion brands and buyers what they’re all about.

Lockdown expedited their intention for their first ever digital showroom. Our work provided the North Star guidance for this and Manifesto Studios also supported with marketing assets which included an e-newsletter and social posts.

All work needed to be completed and live in a fast four week sprint. Mission accepted.

Animation forms a central role to showcase the range of high profile brands Awaykin work with.

The design system needed to work with the range of content from the different fashion brands. An elegant editorial typeface system and singular colour palette were chosen to do it.

This translated very well online, creating stand out and the right premium positioning.

Our collaboration clarified their positioning and service offering so it was clear what made them special.

There was lots of personality for the brand to leverage. Including the Founders DJ background, which led to an Awaykin playlist for clients. A great example of how a brand can be authentically engaging.

Website interactions were playful and precise, demonstrating their brand values.

The design system was flexible so it could be used for all marketing and social purposes.

Email newsletters to Instagram posts were taken to the next level.

Don’t worry about a brief,
bring us a mission
we can solve together.