Digital data that’s human to the core.

60 Decibels is an impact measurement company driving social performance.

Social impact is the lived experience of people — farmers, shop owners, customers, employees — all over the world. They help clients listen to that experience and use it to improve their performance with these people in mind.

They were spun out of Acumen and have scaled rapidly. Our ongoing work has elevated their Brand Identity and Digital Experience to deeply engage, and grow their audience.

A bespoke website simplifies a complex brand story and new service offering, following a successful investment round. A series of digital and printed reports celebrates what makes 60 Decibels so special — really knowing the people behind the data. By creating a ‘zine’ rather than a typical report, we set a new benchmark for design and impact in the sector.

60 Decibels is the volume of human voice. This brand positioning is leveraged by putting real customers at the centre of all communications.

The website features film vignettes of customer data in different areas of expertise.

“The skill and extent 60 Decibels listen to customers is what makes them special. All our work focuses on this — celebrating the people behind the data”

  • Tom Hardy
  • Creative Director
  • Manifesto Studios

We always focus on designing what makes an organisation special. For 60 Decibels this includes an interactive map showing they have over 750 highly trained researchers around the world.

Given the quality of insights and data 60 Decibels develop, content marketing is a sensible strategy. The website design ensures this thought leadership is communicated effectively.

A digital design system provides internal teams with the tools needed to iterate and grow at scale. Quickly and consistently.

“We wanted to celebrate people stories and set a new benchmark for communication in the sector, so we created a series of ‘zines’ rather than typical reports.”

  • Tom Hardy
  • Creative Director
  • Manifesto Studios

Reports which stand out. Big pull quotes, playful typography, bold colours and easy to read graphs, elevate all 60 Decibels reports from the rest of the sector.

Information can always be beautiful.

Social media assets were delivered based on report designs to enhance marketing activity.

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