Hello World

Identity / Website / Film / Zine

The Brief

Hello World is a charity who build solar-powered internet kiosks within some of the most marginalised communities in the world. After years living in Africa and working within NGO’s, Hello World’s founder was frustrated by charities not having the impact that was really required.

Equally discouraging was the way local communicates were often depicted as ‘poor victims who cannot help themselves’. The reality is far different and the organisation’s positive outlook focuses on empowering and collaborating with local communities.

The brand needed a strategy and identity to communicate this approach to donors, investors and the development community.

The Solution

  • Our strategy created the brand idea, ‘Radical Development’, which speaks of the transformational improvement made to each community, as well as the desire to shake up the development community to improve effectiveness.
  • Five points of difference were illustrated and used as the basis of a hugely positive visual language.
  • A flexible logo system tailors messaging to different audiences.
  • Illustration surprises audiences used to seeing the same old charity images of poverty.
  • Priorities included creating a film, website, social and a magazine.
  • Creative Director: Tom Hardy
  • Design Director: Joe Baglow
  • Creative Strategist: Gina Solanki
  • Senior Account Manager: Faye Brinkworth
  • Project Manager:Jes Lee
  • Designer: Alex Green
  • Designer: Amy Elms
  • Copywriter: Jonathan Seidler