Trullo Restaurant Website

How do you create a website for a critically acclaimed restaurant that shows customers what makes them so special?​


Trullo is a highly respected Italian restaurant based in Highbury. The website needed to take the business to the next level, representing a new phase and coinciding with the launch of a cookbook. Our work discovered a hugely passionate team going the extra mile in everything they do. With this in mind, we presented a ‘day-in-the-life’ image story to present customers with a unique glimpse behind the scenes; from daily hand rolled pasta, to research trips to Italy.

Inspiration for the design and positioning was a ‘broadsheet Sunday supplement’.

A seamless experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Curating an unexpected series of images to show a 'day-in-the-life' at Trullo and differentiate them from other restaurants.

The whole User Experience is designed to be beautifully simple and elegant to read.

Easy-to-use reservation page for customers integrated with the teams digital booking system. 

The editorial approach in the Blog showcases what makes Trullo special, such as regular trips to Italy.

Project Overview

“Design is thinking made visual”

Saul Bass


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Creative Strategist
Gina Solanki
Alex Green
Rikki Pitt

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