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TAP Tech Brand Identity & Website

How do you simplify the very complex for a wearable tech brand's identity?


TAP have pioneered the first end-to-end wearables system that provides real time data and insights on attendees at events. Our work created their brand identity, then designed both sales website and technical analytics platform. The big idea was to always simplify the complex data and create clear messaging that explained the businesses to customers.

The sales website was designed as a modular system to mirror the product offer.

A clean, simple, brand identity that simplifies a complex series of technical messages.

Fresh data visualisations which provide a helicopter view of very complex data.

Project Overview

“Our experience with Manifesto Studios has been flawless. They’ve delivered above what was expected on both strategy and creative, and the whole TAP team has been impressed by their process, communication and smooth delivery.”

Gemma Cocker, Founder


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
George Butcher
Liam Lewis
Creative Strategy
Gina Solanki

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