Suya 01

Suya Restaurant Brand Creation

How do you create a brand identity for a completely new food offer in London?


Suya is a premium Nigerian skewered meat food offering being launched in London. The big brand idea involved bridging the gap between Nigeria and London with a unique food and cultural experience. The creative expression used Pidgin English as the perfect bridge between the two places. These were complimented with an authentic illustration style found in Nigeria to create a playful and high personality brand.

Front and back of one of the bold and fun business cards.

The first five Pidgin English business cards and English translations in yellow beneath.

Premium spice packaging on matt black with gold foiling.

Front and backs of the spice packaging.

Takeaway packaging appropriated pizza boxes.

Food shoot Art Direction.

Food shoot Art Direction.



Project Overview

“Make it simple but significant.”

Don Draper


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Senior Designer
Joe Baglow

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