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Savse Smoothies Brand Identity & Packaging

How do you create the future look of the wellbeing sector?​


Savse began with the founders mum, Nina, creating delicious, healthy fruit and veg drinks for her family. The same remains true today so our brand idea developed ‘Nina’s story’ as a powerful and authentic positioning for the brand. Nina provides authenticity. A real person, voice of authority and expertise.  The way the brand looks and feels went against the rest of the sector at time of launch and is taken directly from the beginning of this story – Nina in her kitchen – passionately discovering delicious new combinations with loads of homemade personality.

The core range of products. Each label is hand drawn to add authenticity.

Project Overview

“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.”

Bruno Mauari


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Senior Designer
Joe Baglow
Liam Lewis
Account Manager
Fran Thomlinson
Niran Vinod
Gina Solanki

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