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How do you encourage the excitement around one of London’s most talked about restaurants?​


Padella Pasta launched with critical acclaim for their high quality handmade pasta. Especially popular with the Instagram generation they became an Insta-hit. A new website design needed to encourage this excitement, elevate the brand and extend their reach. Our work celebrates user generated content, carefully curating images to represent three strategic areas: food, environment and people. Since launch the site has over 1,000 visits a day with Instagram users doubling to over 2,000 new followers each month.

Stop-motion film of the front of the restaurant showing early morning pasta making and around the block queues.

Easy to use mobile first website.

'Mobile first' design and User Experience, aligned to the target audience.

Developing a creative signature for Instagram to develop a brand personality and increase engagement. 

Project Overview

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Creative Strategist
Gina Solanki
Alex Green
Website Developer
Rikki Pitt

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