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Emily Crisps Website

How do you translate a brand idea of ‘discovery’ into a digital experience for customers?


It’s always exciting when a client wants a ‘completely different kind of website’. Especially when they mean it. Our solution for Emily Crisps interrogates what we really needed customers to know, rather than what was expected. The site leads with images which are tagged to reveal connected visual network, telling stories about the; brand; product range and reasons to buy.

Website designed for irresistible discovery, using animations and rollovers.

'Mobile first' user friendly (and addictive) experience.



Driving brand personality with multi-use marketing assets.

Visual product range overview page that connects products with provenance.

Interactive brand story.


Interactive team page.

Project Overview

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Creative Strategist
Gina Solanki
Alex Green
Amy Elms
Website Developer
Rikki Pitt

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