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Atharna Brand Identity & Digital Experience

How do you build a brand whose mission is to bridge two cultures through hand crafted products?​


Atharna are on a mission to connect the Middle East to the western world through a unique insight into Middle Eastern craft, heritage and culture. Our work involves both digital and print to deliver a multi-channel communication strategy that introduces them to a global market. We developed a minimal but sophisticated brand identity, allowing products and artisans to be the real heroes. The website is a visually rich heart that bridges educational articles, gallery space and e-commerce. 

My Lens page with elegant parallaxing, showcases a day in the life of Middle Eastern people.

Journal Page design

Journal entry page design mobile view

Journal Overview page design

Minimal product photography captures the handmade qualities.

Art Direction for detail and overview shots of the all handmade products.

Selecting and editing lifestyle imagry to correctly position the brand.

Ecommerce shop design and build

Project Overview

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antione de Saint-Exupéry


Creative Director
Tom Hardy
Creative Strategist
Gina Solanki
Amy Elms
Alex Green
George Butcher
Rikki Pitt

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