Identity / Packaging / Photoshoot

The Brief

Suya is a Nigerian skewered meat delicacy and the name of the brand eager to bring the unique taste to Londoners. The menu is a premium interpretation on the traditional Nigerian cuisine. It’s quick and easy to cook, healthy and delicious.

The brand needed to connect with Nigerians but also non-Nigerians who knew nothing about the country’s rich culture or food. Africa and Nigeria in particular are portrayed negatively in the media, so an important objective was to help the brand express positive personality and cultural traits.

The Solution

  • A brand positioning created a bridge between Nigeria and London with a rich food and cultural experience.
  • Pidgin English (a hybrid of the native language and English spoken across Nigeria) was used for key statements with Queen’s English translations beneath. This bridged both cultures with playful messaging.
  • Hand-drawn signage is common in Nigeria so a typeface and illustrative style were developed to reflect this.
  • The logo has an extended ‘Y’ to represent the skewers the food is cooked on.
  • The colour palette is bold with an accent of gold – a premium colour in both locations.
  • Creative Director: Tom Hardy
  • Senior Designer: Joe Baglow
  • Designer: Liam Lewis
  • Project Manager: Fran Tomlinson