Identity / Guidelines / Website / Campaign

The Brief

Babease is a baby food brand set on making a change.

Babease founder, Tom, is both a Dad and Chef. When he turned 30, all his friends started having babies and he couldn’t resist trying the food they were giving their little ones. He was amazed at how bland and unappealing it was given the brand was a market leader.

Babease products and recipes are full of flavour, made of the highest quality ingredients and are vegetable led. Babease creates real food for babies to give them the best start in life, instead of the poor quality gloop that has been universally accepted. On top of this, the environment, made in the UK and driving quality improvements across the sector were core to their business plan.

Babease had developed a logo and the packaging, but the results were underwhelming. Manifesto Studios were engaged to raise brand awareness and tell customers how they were doing things differently.

The Solution

Our work began with the Brand Strategy so as to create a clear framework for the brand and communications. Through the insights this provided, it became clear that the brand needed to be the first baby brand to speak directly to parents and be culturally relevant. Babease offers high-quality products with culinary and nutritional know-how, giving permission for foodie parents to be brave and adventurous with the food they wean their little one on.

Following the strategic document, it became clear that the Brand Identity and further communications needed to be developed.

  • Distinctive tools were created to make the brand identity work harder, ensuring communications were bold, original and appealed to foodie parents
  • Editorial illustrations positioned the brand inline with a Sunday newspaper lifestyle magazine and away from the baby aisle
  • A punchy Tone of Voice was developed to cut through the goo-goo-ga-ga use of language in the sector
  • The Typeface system was made singular and bolder
  • Packaging was shot to represent real life (complete with crumples)
  • Guidelines were created to provide structure on everything going forward
  • A custom website was designed and built to tell the world about Babease and drive sales through an e-commerce shop
  • To maximise impact, an ATL Advertising Campaign was created, celebrating Babease’s campaigning spirit. It used strong campaign-led language, showing the key points of difference between Babease and competitors, whilst challenging the Baby Food market to raise standards
  • Creative Director: Tom Hardy
  • Strategist: Onika Simon
  • Creative Strategist: Gina Solanki
  • Senior Account Manager: Faye Brinkworth
  • Design Director: Joe Baglow
  • Senior Digital Designer: Liam Thomas
  • Intermediate Designer: Amy Elms
  • Senior Designer: Jimena Souto
  • Project Manager: Jes Lee
  • ATL Copywriter: Jonathan Seidler
  • Illustrator: Marcus Walters