Manifesto Studios help high-potential organisations grow through intelligent design.

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Intelligent design builds brand value in three ways:

Stand Out

Help consumers choose between a huge array of choices.


Interact with your audience in relevant ways and in doing so build a strong sense of loyalty.


Communicate the qualities of your product or service and reassure your audience they’ve made the correct choice.

We do it in every project through:

Innovative Thinking

We develop a plan to deliver all three in every project to maximise impact. At its heart is a ‘big idea’ which underpins all work.


Creative Doing

Then we produce the creative assets and marketing material to bring this big idea to life, telling unique, high impact stories across the customer journey.


Brand Building
& Results Driving

We Believe in:


Creativity with purpose

We know how to develop creative solutions that have the power to drive commercial results. Every piece of work we produce will have a stand-out idea, beautifully executed. Always relevant to the target market, always driving ROI.


A new breed of agile support

The traditional creative agency model is dead. We build a specialist team around each project to support our core members. So when you work with Manifesto Studios you receive what matters most: specialist creative support and a lean cost structure.


Loving what we do

And we hope you do too. We only work with clients that are as passionate about what they do as we are. We’ve found it creates the most effective results – and it’s a lot of fun.


Word of mouth

One hundred per cent of our new business is through word of mouth or repeat business. We’ve realised that the best promotion is from our clients telling others of the impact we had for their business. It’s the motivation for us going the extra mile.


Offering a flexible cost structure

We do this to support and adapt to different business models and sizes. This is why our work is equally split between international brands and start-ups — it’s a great mix we want to keep.


Brand Strategy Workshop

Are you a business owner, brand manager or marketeer? Get in touch to see how you can better connect with your audience to drive action.

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