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Is your Brand & Marketing ready to thrive in the new normal?

Are you the Founder or Marketer of:

1. A scaling brand needing to reach more people?
2. A brand in the midst of change wanting to stay on people’s radars?
3. A brand struggling to get the traction it needs?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you will benefit from The Brand Growth Plan. It’s the tailored brand health check that provides actionable solutions to drive your brand forward.

Why is now the right time to be assessing your brand?

We know you don’t need telling, but we really are at the centre of a societal turning point and it’s changing the face of marketing and brand communications:

The business landscape is changing. Rapidly. Brands are fighting for seconds of attention and those who don’t make the most of those seconds by connecting with their audience, will fall flat. You need to understand what people care about and connect with them in the right way – they know the real from the fake.

People are looking for emotional connections. We’re getting closer to a more socially conscious and purpose-led world and customers are willing to spend more on brands with a conscience. Now’s the time to clean up and make sure it’s an easy decision to shop with you.

The benchmark for customer experience is higher than ever before. Embrace it or fear it, either way digitalisation is accelerating us into the 4th Industrial Revolution. People expect intelligence, ease and transparency as standard – do not frustrate them.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”

Mike Tyson (via Gallup Seminar)

What does this mean for your brand?

At this turning point, often the hardest thing to assess is yourself. There are too many voices and most of them are internal. We’ve heard that trying to align everyone is a political and practical challenge for any business owner or marketer.

Our Brand Growth Plan focuses on what customers want. Objective analysis providing clear recommendations from design and communication experts.

“At the moment, companies are in survival mode . . .those investing in brand-building advertising during times of economic crisis come out of them in better shape than those that don’t.”

The Aim

Making sure your brand stands-out in your sector and connects with customers.

How does the Brand Growth Plan work?

1–2 week sprint, designed to be fast, collaborative and actionable.

Stage One:
Manifesto Studios immersion, discovery and analysis of your world.

Stage Two:
Workshop discussing insights and presenting recommendations for the short-term.

Stage Three:
Workshop discussing insights and presenting a roadmap for the medium-term and long-term.

What you’ll learn

  • Group 21 What your brand should ‘bin’ and bank’
  • Group 21 Any threats your brand could be facing
  • Group 21 Quick wins you can put in place today to improve brand engagement
  • Group 21 Identification of ownable gaps in the market
  • Group 21 Where your brand sits in comparison to the competition
  • Group 21 What bigger strategic changes you should consider to enhance your brand presence tomorrow

Stage One

The Brand Health Check
Two hour workshop where we get under the skin of your brand and communications.

We analyse:
• Your brand presence by reviewing your website, social media and one other important marketing channel of your choice e.g. a sales presentation or a set of digital ads.

• Your top 5 competitors including their websites and social media channels.

• Your sector insights, using desk research we explore and define industry trends.

Stage Two

The Quick Wins Action Plan
Over a two hour workshop, we share our insights with you. Using a simple and powerful framework, you’ll find out what to stop doing, keep doing and start doing. Leaving you with quick-wins to boost your brand presence today.

You’ll learn:

• How your competitors’ brands are performing and where you sit in the market.

• How to update your messaging to make sure it’s relevant to your customer.

• How to reinforce your brand communications to build awareness.

• How to amplify your content to better connect.

• How to differentiate and enhance your Brand Identity (logo, typeface,  imagery/video, tone of voice, colour palette.

Stage Three

The Optimisation Roadmap
The final two hour workshop involves an ideas power session and provides recommendations. We ask carefully crafted questions to develop bigger strategic opportunities to safeguard your brand and help it thrive tomorrow.

You’ll learn:
• How your sector is changing and what this means for your
customers and their needs.

• How your brand strategy can be realigned to stand-out and be relevant in the new age of business.

• As part of this we unpack the concept of ‘purpose’ and what this means for your business.

• How to refine your messaging to ensure it’s always on-brand and engaging.

• How to develop a customer experience strategy to communicate your values and optimise channels.

• How to reflect your brand strategy through your visual identity to become recognisable in your industry.

How do I sell this into my business?

You will get an objective view of your brand (and business) from a team of experts with branding, advertising, digital and strategy backgrounds.

Brutal honesty and no bullsh*t opinions.

We’re best positioned to see sector and cultural trends and bring out of category context to the table.

From our cross sector work supporting clients through COVID-19, we have valuable insights to ensure you survive and thrive. 

Key deliverables:

• 5x communication experts analysing your brand and business.
• A tailored brand health check and growth plan to supercharge and support your goals.
• 3x two hour interactive and collaborative workshops aligning key stakeholders and generating ideas.
• Roadmap providing actionable solutions to drive your brand forward. Short, medium and long-term.
• A summary presentation of all insights, recommendations and actions.

What does the Brand Growth Plan cost?

Get in touch for a bespoke quote based on the amount of material we need to analyse and the number of stakeholders you want to take part.

“Almost any brand can embrace a social mission that supports the business and makes a real contribution”